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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

Goodbye 2011.

Thank you for the memories, laughter and tears. It was a great ride, despite the one biggest heartbreak of the year: Malko B's departure to Seoul!! Wehhhhhhhhhhkkkk! Still adjusting to Malko B's absence. Me. No. Likey. Bogoshippo :(

Only managed to head over to Kuching, Melbourne, Phuket, Melaka and Penang for short breaks in 2011. Hoping to travel and see more of the world this year! (Seoul, looks like I'll be paying you a visit! Teehee.)

Looking forward to what you have in store for us this year, 2012. We welcome smiles, grins, giggles, laughs, great company, love, hugs and kisses. And a generous amount in our bank accounts. And good health for us and everyone around us. And good career progression. And yummy food to feed our tummies and souls.

And to properly document the year ahead, I'm going to get myself a nice brand new camera. Yes, I am. Just can't decide which one yet.

Hello 2012!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Long Distance Relationships

I'm sure some of you have been in or is in a long distance relationship,
The longing calls .. frequent messaging .. tears on pillow

Yeah me and Malko S is going through it right now lol

You'll think breaking up with a guy was hard, breaking up being apart from your jagi bestie is the hardest thing ever !! When we reunited in 2009 we thought it was forever until I got a job offer and got called back to my motherland, Korea. Since I got back we've been inseperable, our late night coffee, random activities, awesome dancing, karaoke, emo-talk in cars .. all this came to a temporary end last saturday.

Being back is .. very foreign and COLD for me, if only KL was a drive away I wouldnt be this homesick.

I guess now I really dont have an excuse not to update because this blog will just be one more way to interact with Malko S :)

Oh KL , How I miss you.

Love Life. Malko. B xx